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Tierra Sagrada (Sacred Earth) workshop and gallery is the home of Lia Lynn Rosen, potter and arts educator. It is the site of ongoing classes and workshops, clay history & harvesting, outdoor firing, wheel throwing and handbuilding. Lia's work honors a unique area of pottery-making on the Turquoise Trail, where pottery was traded and materials mined nearby. She has been teaching over 40 years, and welcomes both residents and visitors to her home-studio just off N. Hwy 14, 10 miles south of Santa Fe: 2-b Calle de Ocho Vacas, S. FE, 87508 (map)

Roving Clay Studio

Lia also travels as resident and guest artist to schools, museums and community centers with a "roving clay studio", bringing all that is needed to create a wide range of work, serving a diversity of ages, cultures and backgrounds. Workshops for private groups are also welcomed! Feel free to contact Lia at 505-428-0668.